Our tool, Social Impact Pro, allows you to monitor mass quantities of social media content and summarize them so you can draw meaningful insights that inform your strategic decisions. With social media intelligence on your side, it’s easy to form more effective communications with your target audience.


Topic Discovery

Our unique Topic Discovery algorithm uses deep semantic analysis to summarize large amounts of social media data into clusters. You define the topic and OssaLabs delivers the insights.

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  • Quickly analyze and summarize conversation trends at a glance

  • Easily customize and set up dashboards to view new topic clusters and keep up with issues of interest

  • Track audience sentiment in real-time to proactively identify and respond to crises before details spread throughout public networks


Participant Analysis


  • Understand the relevance of trending social media topics to your organization by identifying who is participating and driving conversations

  • Are participants loyal supporters, known detractors, or casual observers? By knowing who is participating in a conversation, you can formulate the most relevant response for each circumstance

  • Segment the participants in the conversation and understand the communities that they are involved with

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Geospatial Analysis


  • Discover your customer's and audience’s locations through Geospatial Analysis
  • Social Impact Pro leverages algorithms that consider account geotags, profile locations, time zone data, and other information to identify the location of social media users

  • By breaking down audience participation by region, you can craft messages that are relevant in an extra dimension not found in many competitive social media monitoring platforms: location

Community and Influencer Discovery

Among the vast population of social media users, there are powerful influencers that can change the course of public opinion. They can start movements, make or break brands, and shape the behavior of fellow consumers. Social Impact Pro helps you get them on your side.

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  • Identify key influencers within the conversations and communities that interest you 

  • Pinpoint those influential users to recruit them as positive brand advocates

  • Use influencer data to significantly increase engagement around your brand

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