Promote your organization's mission through social media monitoring. OssaLabs can help your organization shape campaign strategies and market important causes.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps you:

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  • Identify respected supporters to advocate for your non-profit within their own networks

  • Discover who is talking about your non-profit organization and what they are saying

  • Understand the interests and views of your organization's key stakeholders including donors, volunteers, and supporters

  • Stay ahead of the news by monitoring public behavior on current events

The OssaLabs Solution

Having the right amount of digital influence can boost your presence. Social monitoring and listening is crucial for non-profits to identify opportunities for positive engagement and reputation management.

  • Identify key influencers to recruit who would otherwise go undetected

  • Increase the breadth of your social media presence

  • Maintain broader awareness to support your organization and brand reputation
  • Discover valuable customer feedback and influencers within your niche


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Explore how social media monitoring can increase awareness and support for your non-profit organization.