PR Professionals rely on social media intelligence to do what you do best: control and repair crisis scenarios and increase positive perception of your clients’ brands.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps you:

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  • Detect and address rumors and misinformation that can spread rapidly if left unchecked

  • Identify relevant and highly visible trending topics that can’t be found by simply checking keywords and hashtags

  • Pull back the curtain covering those topics and learn whether your client’s target audiences are actively participating

  • Gain more control over crisis management than ever possible with conventional social media analytics

The OssaLabs Solution

OssaLabs social media monitoring tool for public relations offers advanced capabilities that allows professionals to better use social media data. It is vital to find the right streams of data amid all the noise present in the social atmosphere.

The following social listening features help you make better decisions because you will be able to:

  • Receive meaningful social insights

  • Manage brand awareness within your client's communities and beyond in the social media realm

  • Conduct real-time crisis monitoring of news or rumors that can result in bad publicity

  • Identify key influencers to recruit who would otherwise go undetected

  • Rapidly discover emerging topics


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Explore the most profitable uses of social media monitoring to increase your PR agency’s value to clients.