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OssaLabs is a division of Perceptronics Solutions, Inc.  Founded in 2014, OssaLabs is focused on delivering advanced analysis capabilities, developed under government research contracts, to enterprise users in both the commercial and public sector. We are a cross disciplinary team of computer scientists, data scientists, social scientists and product development specialists joined together to build a social media platform that goes beyond the status quo and offers greater insight to support decision making.

What does Ossa mean?

Ossa (also known as Pheme) was the Greek goddess or spirit of rumor, report and gossip. She was also, by extension, the dual spirit of fame and good repute in a positive sense, and infamy and scandal in the bad. Since rumors were often said to originate with the gods, Ossa was called the messenger of Zeus. 

We can only assume that she is an avid proponent of social media.

Ossa goddess of rumor and avid proponent of social media

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