Universities and higher education institutions can use social media intelligence to find ways to better attract the attention of donors, prospective students, fans of athletics programs, and other audiences of interest.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps you:

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  • Organize social media activity from various audiences so different academic departments can all improve their outreach efforts

  • Align the university with issues and values that incoming students and their families care about most

  • Learn about incidents that may tarnish the university’s reputation and address them before they reach the public eye

  • Discover the most attractive topics to donors and alumni and inform them about the school’s involvement with those issues to foster continued support

The OssaLabs Solution

OssaLabs social media monitoring tool, Social Impact Pro, for academic institutions give them the means to easily integrate social media into their larger reputation management and outreach initiatives. With the right data, universities can better understand and maintain their brand as it relates to prospective students, current students, alumni, and the public as a whole. 

  • Track conversations related to admission and recruitment of incoming students, what they care about and what factors into their decision-making

  • Know how the public and other organizations like the Princeton Review board label your institution so you can embrace that identity or launch efforts to change it

  • Publicize your institution’s initiatives and successes by easily finding and engaging with the conversations and communities that are naturally interested

  • Discover and respond to stories that are bad for your institution’s reputation before they become widely known


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Explore how your university can use social media monitoring to maintain its reputation and better attract students and donors.