Law enforcement agencies who rely on social media intelligence are better equipped to build stronger ties with communities and their leaders, leading to safer, more secure communities.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps officers:

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  • Discover opportunities for positive outreach in the community

  • Empathize with community members by learning more about their interests and views on important issues

  • Identify new ways to connect with and protect vulnerable populations, such as homeless persons and at-risk youth

  • Understand public perception during periods of heightened tensions to better prepare police teams and avert crises before it’s too late

The OssaLabs Solution

OssaLabs' Social Impact Pro can assist law enforcement agencies in monitoring social media discussions to understand community attitudes before they become a news headline. This critical insight can help officers get in front of issues and address them more effectively.

  • Discover conversations online and what is trending in the local population

  • Collect data regularly on community attitudes and perceptions about local law enforcement and issues affecting the community as a whole

  • Monitor public discussion to better engage communities on sensitive matters

  • Scan the U.S. map down to the county-level to understand where topics are trending



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Explore how social media monitoring can assist your law enforcement agency’s efforts to build trust and positive relationships within your immediate community.