Social media intelligence supports existing political campaign research to develop effective messaging, reach a wider support base, and carry your actions further—without additional costs.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps you:

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  • Determine when political messages delivered online or on the campaign trail are getting lift and inspiring voters or falling flat

  • Discover voter perception in real-time as a support system for the typical polling process and to monitor your brand

  • Make sense of the vast collection of politically-charged messages coming from supporters and opponents on social media

  • Prepare for public questions by keeping your fingers on the pulse of constituents’ top-of-mind issues

The OssaLabs Solution

OssaLabs social media monitoring tool leaves you in a better position to advance your political agenda. Every message sent and dollar spent needs to lead to stronger advocacy and support for political issues. Social media intelligence helps you strengthen and choose the best strategic actions for your cause.

  • Discover and respond to small crises that impact electorate decisions before they become too large 

  • Anticipate impending attacks from your opponents by monitoring supporter opinions 

  • Rally your constituents by engaging them on those top-of-mind issues that are driving them today

  • Know when to respond to issues of interest and when to stay on message

  • Understand which talking points and topics are resonating with the electorate and which are not


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OssaLabs helped us focus our limited resources toward issues that mattered most to Maryland voters. Instead of guessing, we had solid data to support decisions about when to respond to news stories or opposition attacks and when to stay on message.
— Hannah Marr, Hogan for Governor
Explore how your political organization or campaign team can best use OssaLabs social media monitoring to advance your vision for political change.