The Challenge

Sheet Music Plus knows that a strong social media presence is one that continually provides value to its audience. This dedication to social media excellence earned SMP a large and vibrant online community even before using OssaLabs, with over 24,000 members on their Facebook page. 

SMP’s diverse community of customers includes everything from choral singers, to music educators, to composers. This presented a challenge. How do you stay informed of the top-of-mind interests of each community to continue delivering engaging content and remain a valuable part of those communities?




Singing Choir




Using Social Impact Pro

Enter Social Impact Pro. Using this tool, Sheet Music Plus was able to easily and efficiently:

  • Stay relevant to their users by monitoring trending content and topics in each of their various customer communities and use that information to drive their own content strategy


  • Discover relevant conversations within each community and engage directly with social media users, thereby organically and naturally building brand awareness and attracting followers


  • Keep tabs on competitor marketing strategies, what kinds of messages got traction, and adapt them for Sheet Music Plus' purposes where appropriate