The Challenge

Social media technology has permanently disrupted Public Relations. The PR and crisis management status-quo faces many unique challenges posed by the pace of information dissemination and the ability of the individual to be heard by millions. But social media technology also provides valuable new opportunities to more directly engage with the public and specific groups or individuals.

  • The ability to find and address key constituencies is particularly vital during times of crisis where rumors and misinformation can spread rapidly if left unchecked.

  • In the new social media-dominated world of PR and crisis management, simply tracking keywords or hashtag trends is no longer sufficient

  • An effective PR strategy requires the ability to detect and monitor relevant topics, and to identify whoever is discussing them. 

  • Successful crisis management depends on early detection of news or rumors that can result in bad publicity.

OssaLabs Solution

The OssaLabs suite offers advanced capabilities that provide support to PR professionals using social media.  We understand how vital it is to find the right tools that can help you find the right streams of data. That's why we have focused our efforts on the following features to help you make better decisions.

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