OssaLabs ground-breaking data visualization tools add horsepower to social media decision support. Our human factors experts leverage cognitive science and cultural anthropology to create analytical tools that facilitate deep understanding of social networks, distinct groups and their sentiments.

OssaViz: Network Visualization Toolkit

Social media is more than just content, it is intrinsically tied to underlying networks of people and organizations. To fully understand the data being extracted from social media, one must be able to understand the context of the network from which that data was collected. OssaViz is a unique interactive 3D network visualization that allows the user to navigate, explore and analyze social network data collected from Facebook, Twitter and other sources. OssaViz is a component of the OssaLabs' platform but may also be licensed separately for integration with other web applications that require network visualizations.   To inquire about licensing of OssaViz please contact us.

Social Media Network Data Vizualization