Social Media Monitoring Revolutionized

Ossa Social Impact allows you to monitor mass quantities of social media content and participants in a way that is intuitive and meaningful. Extract unique social insights from mass amounts of data to help you to make better decisions for your brand.

Cluster Discovery

Social Media Cluster Discovery

Our unique Cluster Discovery algorithm summarizes large amounts of social media data through deep semantic analysis.

Stay informed without having to sort through large amounts of data.

Track real-time summaries of conversation to proactively identify and respond to crises before they go viral. 

Participant Analysis

Give conversations context by understanding who is driving them.

Are participants in a conversation loyal supporters, known detractors, or casual observers?  Knowing who is participating in a conversation is essential to formulating a response.

Social Media Monitoring and Participant Analysis

Geospatial Analysis

Geospatial Analysis of Social Media Data

Learn more about customer's locations through Geospatial Analysis.

Our proprietary algorithms take into account geotags, profile locations, time zone data, and other information, to identify the location of social media users.

Community and Influencer Discovery

Identify Social Media Influencers

Identify key influencers within the conversations and communities that interest you.

Move past the noise and pinpoint important users that have the potential to impact your brand in a positive way.