Gathering social media intelligence gives marketers an edge in developing the most influential, enticing, and relevant communications for their target audience. The more relevant your content, the more leads and revenue you’ll generate.


The OssaLabs social media monitoring tool helps you:

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  • Discover rising topical trends and harness their momentum to launch messages that reach a wider audience than ever before

  • Pinpoint opportunities to join online conversations and form meaningful connections with your current and potential customers

  • Truly explain to leadership “how marketing is doing” by collecting quantitative data on audience perception

  • Form an efficient and accurate process for drawing valuable insights describing audience motivations, concerns, and behavioral context

The OssaLabs Solution

Social Impact Pro is a social media monitoring tool for marketers that was designed to help you easily discover and understand relevant social media content. Are you an agency account manager, in-house PR director or brand image manager? Using OssaLabs technology, your marketing team will discover conversations to respond to, communities to engage with, and influencers to recruit. Less time searching for relevant social media content means more time responding strategically. 

  • Identify key influencers to recruit who would otherwise go undetected

  • Amplify your content marketing efforts

  • Increase the breadth of your social media presence 

  • Maintain broader awareness to support your corporate and brand reputation
  • Discover valuable customer feedback and brand champions


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Explore how social media monitoring can best be used to inform and improve the quality of your marketing efforts.