The Challenge


At its core, social media is all about having a conversation. And conversations require at least as much listening as talking. It’s easy for marketers to get carried away with the ability to use social media to communicate with large numbers of customer and potential customers. But simply posting information about your company is hardly an effective social media strategy. By contributing value to the conversation, you become a valuable part of those communities and can then use your new social capital to promote your talking points and information. 

  • Effective marketing communication starts with finding conversations in communities that are relevant to you, and participating meaningfully in the discussions.
  • Digging through social media to find the communities, conversations, and influencers that are important to your brand is time and labor intensive  unless you have intelligent technology that makes the process more efficient and accurate.

OssaLabs Solution

Ossa Social Impact is a social media monitoring platform that was designed to easily discover and understand relevant social media content. Using OssaLabs technology your marketing communications team will discover conversations to respond to, communities to engage with, and influencers to recruit. Less time searching for relevant social media content means more time responding strategically.

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