The Challenge

Modern policing has embraced social media to help solve crimes, but the great law enforcement challenge of our time lies in how to fight crime while also restoring trust with the community. A 2015  survey of police departments conducted by International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Center for Social Media found that almost all U.S. police departments use social media in some capacity (96.4%) – particularly to help solve crimes (85.5%).

  • But recent serious incidents have shown how tension in the community involving individual citizens, groups, and law enforcement can reach a breaking point and have highlighted the critical need to identify and address tensions before they boil over.
  • Lack of relevant data impacts the ability of communities and law enforcement agencies to make informed policy and practice. 
  • To connect more deeply with the community, law enforcement organizations must now use social media technology to improve communications and understand the concerns of the community.

OssaLabs Solution

OssaLabs can assist law enforcement agencies monitoring social media discussions to understand community attitudes before they become a news headline. This critical insight can help law enforcers get in front of issues and address them more effectively.

Police know that social media data is highly useful in solving crimes, and law enforcement agencies must now also collect data to improve the level of trust, transparency, and accountability to the communities they serve. OssaLabs social media analytic tools enable law enforcers to search and visualize social networks in order to quickly connect the dots between actions, attitudes, and trust.

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